BUTTS 2015 Leg 2: Loughborough

BUTTS 2015 Leg 2: Loughborough

Sarah Allaway on

The second BUTTS league leg took place last weekend. UWAC were shooting with home side Loughborough as well as Birmingham and Derby archery clubs.

UWAC and UBAC shooting in the afternoon session at Loughborough

UWAC again enjoyed success on Sunday in both experienced and novice categories. The experienced team beat Loughborough, Birmingham and Derby to come first, and the novice team came a respectable third to Birmingham and Loughborough. The experienced team was again made up of Tom Hall, James Jeffs, Enrik Nako and Maddie Meatyard. The Novice team was made from Gillian Yu, James Holmes, Sean Aller and Ramazan Samat.

Phil looking forward to shooting
Gillian totting up the end's scores

Individual results for the Sunday are gents experienced gold for Tom Hall, gents experienced bronze for James Jeffs, ladies experienced gold for Maddie Meatyard and ladies novice silver for Gillian Yu.

Combining the results from Nottingham Trent's leg (which was shot on the Saturday) shows that the Experienced team came 1st, clearing 2nd place Birmingham by 52 points (over their 1 gold lead from last week). The Novice team came 4th overall again, being bested by Birmingham, Loughborough and Nottingham.

Enrik waiting for the end to finish and scoring to start

For the boat race the Warwick A team planned to use their momentum from knocking Loughborough's A team from their undefeated perch. Loughborough used their home advantage and brought along their own ringer, beating Warwick A with a team size of 2. Loughborough and Warwick won't meet again until BUTTS Indoor Championships next term. Warwick B came 3rd place, and Warwick Novices came last.

Jeffs and Craig walk towards the targets, ready to score
James and Ramazan finding their place on the shooting line

Another well done to all archers who shot at the leg last weekend. We now have a few months until the next BUTTS leg which provisionally be on UWAC home territory.

The score breakdown for the past leg is as follows:

Experienced Team

Score: 2277, 240 hits, 138 golds

  • Tom Hall - 586, 60 hits, 46 golds
  • James Jeffs - 572, 60 hits, 36 golds
  • Enrik Nako - 560, 60 hits, 28 golds
  • Maddie Meatyard - 555, 60 hits, 28 golds

Novice Team

Score: 1602, 237 hits, 16 golds

  • Gillian Yu - 454, 60 hits, 7 golds
  • James Holmes - 414, 60 hits, 4 golds
  • Sean Aller - 388, 58 hits, 4 golds
  • Ramazan Samat - 346, 59 hits, 1 gold