BUCS Indoors 2016

BUCS Indoors 2016

Emma Davis on

We enjoyed a hugely successful day at BUCS indoors this year, retaining titles and taking home a total of 40 BUCS points and many medals.

Enrik aiming for gold
Faheem focused, readying himself for another shot

Firstly the men’s experienced recurve team defended their title from the previous year, taking home the trophy with a combined score of 1718 out of 1800. This was achieved by a team of Tom Hall (591), James Jeffs (572) and Enrik Nako (555). Since the switch from mixed teams to gender split teams, Warwick males have also been undefeated at BUCS (indoors and out).

Tom, James and Enrik on the podium, retaining their Gents title from last year
James, Faheem and Chi taking 2nd place on the Novice podium

The novice recurve team were also successful taking 2nd with a team of James Holmes (511), Faheem Mirza (501) and Chi Ng (498), giving a score of 1510. However, they were beaten to the top of the podium by a strong Southampton team. The ladies experienced recurve team improved on last years result and placed 5th with a team of Maddie Meatyard (568), Jessica Watts (535) and Caz Evans (517).

This year also saw the introduction of a compound team category. In this new compound team category, Chris Woodgate (577) and James Edmondson (573) shot well to take home bronze team medals, Chris narrowly missing out on an individual medal in an exceptionally tight field.

Maddie at full draw, in the last few moments before releasing an arrow down toward the target
Chris and James take bronze in the new mixed compound team category

Individually we had a good day as well. For the experienced archers Tom Hall took his first gold BUCS medal, and Maddie took home a bronze. For the novices, Faheem took home a gold in the novice barebow category, Gillian Yu (496) and Nicole Tang (494) took home silver and bronze respectively in the novice lady recurve.

We are now looking forward to BUTC in a couple of weeks. Then preparations begin for BUCS outdoors where the men’s experienced team are looking to take their 4th straight victory and hopefully remain undefeated in the new format.

The score breakdown for the BUCS teams were as follows:

Gents Experienced Recurve Team

Position: 1st place
Score: 1718, 180 hits, 115 golds

  • Tom Hall - 591, 60 hits, 51 golds
  • James Jeffs - 572, 60 hits, 37 golds
  • Enrik Nako - 555, 60 hits, 27 golds

Ladies Experienced Recurve Team

Position: 5th place
Score: 1620, 180 hits, 60 golds

  • Maddie Meatyard - 568, 60 hits, 34 golds
  • Jess Watts - 535, 60 hits, 16 golds
  • Caz Evans - 517, 60 hits, 10 golds

Mixed Experienced Compound Team

Position: 3rd place
Score: 1150, 120 hits, 70 golds

  • Chris Woodgate - 577, 60 hits, 37 golds
  • James Edmonson - 573, 60 hits, 33 golds

Mixed Novice Recurve Team

Position: 2nd place
Score: 1510, 180 hits, 31 golds

  • James Holmes - 511, 60 hits, 9 golds
  • Faheem Mirza - 501, 60 hits, 10 golds
  • Chi Ng - 498, 60 hits, 12 golds