Throughout the year the club participates in various competitions. These range from intra-club shooting to the national BUCS competitions. Below you can find information about the different student archery competitions we are a part of, as well as information about competitions we host.

A calendar for any competition dates is available too on the sessions page.

The Warwick Open Novices Tournament - W.O.N.T.

Warwick hosts its own archery competition, named "W.O.N.T." or the Warwick Open Novice Tournament. This year the competition will be held on Saturday, 2nd December.

Edit 16th November 2017:

Information about the tournament has been made available in this blog post! Make sure to sign up before Friday, 24th November 2017.

Postal Leagues

The postal league information is hosted on its own separate page.

Club Competition(s)

Each term we hold an internal competition, allowing each member of the club to take part. This provides members to gain experience in a competition setting, as well as the opportunity to win a plethora of trophies, glory and chocolate.

In terms 1 and 2, we shoot the Portsmouth indoor round (60 arrows, 60cm target face, 20yd away). Outdoors we shoot one of the following:

  • St. George (36 arrows at 100/80/60 yds each, 108 total) - Experienced Male shooters,
  • Albion (36 arrows at 80/60/50 yds each, 108 total) - Experience Female and Novice Male shooters,
  • Windsor (36 arrows at 60/50/40 yds each, 108 total) - Novice Female shooters.

BUTTS Regional League

Setting up the range for BUTTS Warwick 2015
Archers shooting at BUTTS Warwick 2015

Throughout terms 1 and 2 we compete in the BUTTS League. A team of both novices and experienced archers are taken to other universities to shoot for medals and league points. This culminates in an indoors championships near the end of term 2, where results are given and rewards for achievement in the past year are handed out.

The other universities that are part of our division in the BUTTS league are:

For more information about the BUTTS League, you can also head to

BUTTS Badges

Another part of the BUTTS League are the reward badges available for shooting. These are given out to archers who shoot a score at or above the threshold for a badge, and are coloured to match the rings on a target face. For indoors, the badge thresholds can be found here and for outdoors the appropriate tables are on the BUTTS League website.


Craig, Stace and Guerin shooting at BUCS indoors 2015

During both terms 2 and 3 there are the national BUCS championship events, being indoors in term 2 and outdoors in term 3. Here, like the BUTTS League, we send a team of both novices and experienced archers to compete for medals, trophies and BUCS points for the university.

BUCS Indoors

The BUCS indoors championships this year is to be held on the 6th February 2016. The format is to shoot a Portsmouth round (60 arrows, 60cm target face, 20yds distance) in one session, where the day is composed of multiple sessions. Once the day is complete, the scores are checked and awards ceremony started.

In recent history, Warwick has achieved team podiums as well as individual medals. Warwick recieved gold in the gents experienced team in the 2014-15 academic year, for the first time since the late 1980s.

BUCS Outdoors

BUCS outdoor championships are to be held across the weekend starting the 11th June 2016, at the Lilleshall NSC. Archers shoot a variety of distances from 30m to 90m across the day on the Saturday, and a 70m head-to-head round on the Sunday that follows the Olympic format. After shooting has finished on the Sunday, the awards ceremony is held for the two day's shooting.

Warwick has had varied team and substantial individual success in the past couple of years. The 2014-15 season saw the club win gold for the gents experienced team, and silver for the novice mixed team categories. A number of individual medals were won, including gold for novice recurve male and bronze for experienced barebow female.


Warwick B shooting at BUTC 2015
Warwick A and B pose to shoot at BUTC 2015
Perfect end! Tom shoots 30/30 in the ranking round at BUTC 2015

BUTC offers a change of pace in the student archery world. Its a fast-paced hit or miss tournament where the spectators can be almost as involved as the archers themselves! Usually hosted towards the end of February (this year the 5th March) Warwick sends up to two teams of 3 archers to take part in this glorious tournament. Warwick hosted the tournament in 2012, as well as won gold in the 2014-15 academic year.


In addition to everything above, the club participates in a nationwide league hosted online, where our best scores of the month are submitted. This is run by the UKSAA. Warwick won division 1 during the 2014-15 academic year.