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Reminder: Due to university rules, the club is only open to students and staff of the University of Warwick.

The club can be reached by through email or via. post. Details are listed below.

Before you drop us an email please take a look at our website post (here) explaining everything you need to know about our beginners' course and more. Please see below for a list of FAQs. If you still need to email us after reading these our general email is below.

Email: (If you want to speak to a specific member of the executive committee, their e-mail is listed on their profile here).

The University of Warwick Archery Club,
c/o The Students Union,
Gibbet Hill Road,

We encourage you to get in contact via. e-mail, as we will be able to respond to any questions you ask in a more timely fashion.


Can I join if I don’t have any experience?

Yes. We run a beginners' course at the start of the academic year, each year every year just for this purpose. We’ll teach you how to shoot on safely on your own.

When are your session times for beginners'?

We run an annual beginners' course in the first half of term one each academic year. These are usually on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons.

How do I sign up for a beginners' course?

We run the courses through Warwick Sport’s Warwick active classes. Sign up, when the time is right, is through this page on their website. Closer to the time look out for a post on our website/facebook page which will tell you in more detail how to sign up.

How much coaching is available?

Throughout the beginners' course each group will have an assigned coach teaching them how to shoot. After this we have two friendly club coaches who will be happy to help you with your shooting form.
Do I need to do a beginners' course?
To join our club we need you to be able to shoot safely to a Grand National Archery Society – Archery GB – standard, so yes you need to do a beginners' course so we can teach you how to do so.

I have shot a few times before at summer camps etc. do I still need to do a beginners' course?

Yes, see above.

Can I still join the club if I haven’t done the beginners' course?

Technically yes but you wouldn’t be allowed to shoot in one of our normal sessions, see above.

Do I have to be a member of your club sign up to the beginner’s course?

No you don’t but it is a good idea to sign up to the course first to guarantee yourself a place.

I have already done a beginners' course external to this club what do I do?

We run a session on Thursdays every week; if you’ve already done a beginner’s course you can come along to these and we’ll assess your safety to shoot. It would be great if you could drop us a message via email or our Facebook page to give us a heads up so we expect you.

Do I need my own equipment?

No you do not, we have several club bows that are free for you to use during our beginners' course and at subsequent sessions afterwards.

Should I buy my own equipment?

No as stated we provide you with equipment. If you want to buy your own equipment wait until term two when we run a bow buying trip where we can help you choose the best kit for you.

When do you run team selections?

Archery is unlike most team sports in that anyone can shoot with us, as a member of our club, regardless of whether you make our teams. We don’t have fixed teams from the start of the year meaning they can change throughout the year as everyone progresses. You can even go to competitions as a complete beginner (after doing our beginners’ course of course!).