: Next session: Tuesday 27th March 4pm-8pm (Outdoors)

Welcome to Warwick 2014/15!

September 12, 2014

Greetings to all of our new freshers and welcome back to everyone returning for the new academic year! I hope that if you’ve found yourself on this website then you’d like to join the club; here’s how you do it:

For those who have never done archery before, or have maybe tried it once or twice we have 2 free taster sessions in week 1:

Wednesday 1st October 2.00pm-5pm
Sunday 5th October 1.30pm-3.00pm

Both are held in Westwood Games Hall, please tie long hair back and avoid loose clothing. As we have a lot of people who want to try archery, we ask that you only come to one of these sessions. If you have then been convinced to join the club you may do so on the Warwick Sport website: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/sport/memberships/student. You must select the “standard plus” membership to be able to join the archery club.

If you wish to continue to do archery after the taster session you must sign up for the beginners course  which runs Wednesdays 3-5pm or Sundays 1:30pm-3.30pm until week 5, you get one on one coaching from our experienced members and all equipment is provided. Check the beginners course page for details on this.

For anyone who has been a member of an archery club before university, you are welcome to turn up to any of our experienced sessions which are:

Mondays 1:30-4pm
Tuesdays 9-11am
and Thursdays 5.00-7.00pm

Come and find a member of the exec and they will happily show you how things work here at Warwick and introduce you to our other experienced members.

We look forward to seeing you guys at these sessions, the archery club has so much to offer: lots of interesting people, weekly socials, a fun new challenge and a chance to compete for your university even in your first year of shooting!

BUCS Outdoors 2014!

June 23, 2014

The BUCS Archery programme offers both an indoor and outdoor competition, across a wide range of archery disciplines such a recurve, compound, longbow and barebow. The indoor championships took place earlier this year and the outdoor championships took place from 14th-15th June at Lilleshall National Sports Centre.

Tom Hall gives us an experienced view of the BUCS weekend:

The team scores were made from the best 4 experienced recurves on the Saturday. The head to head round was seeded using the scores from Sunday morning. On the Saturday we had several strong individual performances scoring BUCS points: Longbow men: 1st place Luke Rieman (with a BUCS record), 3rd place Adam Lack. Compound men: 1st place Matt Dale, 3rd place James Edmondson Recurve men: 3rd place Tom Hall, 4th place (BUCS points) Jorge Lindley Recurve women: 4th place Madeleine Meatyard.

The recurve team itself was neck and neck with oxford for most of the day, but just dropped behind at the end. The team of Tom Hall, Jorge Lindley, Maddie Meatyard and Enrik Nako won silver with a considerable lead on the rest of the field, including this year’s indoor winners Nottingham.

On the Sunday, strong ranking round performances in their categories came from: Luke Rieman (1st), Jorge Lindley (3rd), Madeleine Meatyard (3rd) James Edmondson (4th), Matt Dale (5th) and Tom Hall (5th). These were converted into wins for Luke and Matt, while Madeleine and Tom went as far as the quarter finals in their categories. This was a huge performance for Warwick, our best outdoor result in recent years and a significant improvement from last year’s results.


Success for Team Longbow!

Success for Team Longbow!

Here is Andrew’s view of the day:
BUCS outdoors, the premier event in the student archery calendar! Despite the very early start, we were all very excited on Saturday morning and ready to hit the range. After registration we prepared for the shoot while our handy field team set up our shelters (and sofa!). At 12 dozen arrows the day was going to be one of the longest shoots us novices had ever completed, even without the copious number of bouncers and equipment failures that occurred. The weather was hit and miss, much like my shooting, but most people came prepared for rain so all was well.

The Saturday ended with a lot of success for Warwick and a new BUCS record. Those who stayed for the head-to-head the following day headed to the pub for food before returning to the campsite – either for some much needed sleep or to watch England fail at football.

The next morning started out dreary and dull but got brighter and warmer as we neared lunch and the end of the qualifying round. The male recurve knock-outs started off with a series of team kills as Warwick archers eliminated each other. While there were no more Warwick medals to be had in the recurve categories, Luke and Matt dominated longbow and compound respectively to round out what was an incredibly enjoyable weekend. I only wish I had started archery sooner to experience more BUCS events.

Matt Dale with Team Compound!

Overall, the weekend was a massive success! The club had a great turnout for both days, both archers and ‘field party’. As well as a really impressive performance from all archers, the social aspect of the weekend was great fun and was a great end to the year.

 More Photos of the day can be found at: UWAC Facebook Page

Term 3 Club Competition

May 20, 2014

Well done to everyone who took part in the UWAC Term 3 Club Compeition!

The competition was held on Saturday, 17th May on Varsity field. Experienced gents shot a St George (3 dozen at 100 yds, 3 dozen at 80 yds and 3 dozen at 60 yds), experienced ladies and novice gents shot an Albion (3 dozen at 80 yds, 3 dozen at 60 yds, and 3 dozen at 50 yds) and Novice ladies shot a Windsor (3 dozen at 60 yds, 3 dozen at 50 yds and 3 dozen at 40 yds).

Here Adam Lack, an experienced archer, gives his view of the day:
The weather for the annual UWAC outdoor club competition could not have been better – blue skies and sun all day. Aside from some lengthy arrow hunting in the grass, the day ran smoothly and was a great success as the first event organised by our new tournaments officer. Experienced gents shot a St George round, while experienced ladies & novice gents shot an Albion, and novice ladies shot a Windsor. First place in the male experienced recurve category was taken by Tom Hall (826), followed by Jorge Lindley (798) and then Chris Guerin (721). For the female experienced recurve, Emma Davis (668) took gold and Katie Worrallo (536) claimed silver. Matt Dale (938) was first in the compound category, followed by James Edmondson (868). Meanwhile, Luke Rieman (268) won the male longbow category with Adam Lack (149) in 2nd. Jess Watts (211) won the female longbow category followed by Chloé Worrall (136) with silver. For the novices, Matt Stace (584) won the male recurve category with Andrew Bushnell-Wye (563) close behind in 2nd and Gurvinder Sohal (408) in 3rd. Lea Krüger (732) won the female recurve category with Melisa Kaner (115) in 2nd. Sheena Mistry (286) took gold in the novice barebow category.

An impressive end!

Matt Stace gives a Novice account of the day:
The sun blazing down upon our backs and not a cloud was in the sky as Club Competition began in a relaxed manner. With BUTTS Outdoors looming, this was a much needed distraction from all the revision that has been keeping us camped out in the library. Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable days shooting, with some very impressive scores being recorded from experienced and novice archers alike. A well-earned trip to the pub followed with results and medal presentations topping off a relaxing day. Bring on BUTTS!

A few arrows were lost throughout the day…