: Next session: Tuesday 27th March 4pm-8pm (Outdoors)

BUCS Indoors 2015

February 15, 2015

 Warwick win BUCS indoors!

On saturday, 19 Warwick archers represented the university at BUCS indoors, the biggest one day competition in the UK, with nearly 700 people taking part. Having won all three league matches this year, the team went into the competition with high expectations, and were not to be disappointed…

Jess Watts gives the experienced report on the day:
“The horrifically early and cold start to the day was quickly forgotten as a fun filled day of archery followed by alcohol was underway. The level of shooting was at a top standard with warwick male recurve team placing gold nocking oxford out of the top spot by 3 points with a score of 1728 in a team consisting of Tom (586 also getting an individual bronze medal), Luke (573) and Enrik (569). There was also success for novice female recurve Indigo getting a silver medal, and both the novice and female recurve team placed sixth overall. Bare bow Jake just missed out on a shiney placing fourth.

Warwick success was further completed with extensive raffle prize wins ranging from alcohol to a mini foam boss to a stack load of pot noodles!!! Overall it was a highly successful day for the warwick team!”

Indigo Griffith reports for the novices:

“Due to the early start (6am, thanks for that James Jeffs), the novices (Aurelien, Toby, Tim, and myself) took several hours to awaken enough to grow nervous for competition. Several of us napped in the backseat of the minibus, and we all loved rolling up to the venue before the hall had even opened. But as soon as we began setting up our bows, we quickly grew excited. We had no forgotten equipment (minus myself losing my shoestring), and no equipment failures during competition. Initially the atmosphere was very intense. Luckily there was a constant background of music and everyone started sharing sweets (one of the BUCS helpers made the most amazzzing brownies you have ever tasted!), which loosened us up a lot. The novices were thrilled when the Portsmouth finally ended, nearly 3 hours after it had started. We all got very strong scores, with PB’s in competition.

The team retreated to a Pizza Hut buffet and Spoon’s pub respectively. Most of the novices ended up at Spoons, where Toby proceeded to fall asleep on the tabletop. Waiting through two more rounds was agonizing. Tim used the time to buy large quantities of raffle tickets. Unfortunately, during the raffle he didn’t win, despite purchasing the largest amount of tickets of any UWAC member. The club was quite pleased that several members won bottles of wine, a box of sweets, a boss, and the best raffle prize of 36 pot noodles. Collectively we had a full meal by the raffle’s close. As a novice team, we were thrilled to place 6th overall! And we were very happy to have one novice medal in lady’s recurve silver. For our first national competition, I don’t think it could have gone much better! It definitely fired us up, and we look forward to our next big competition at BUTTS Championships in a few weeks.”

Well done to everyone involved, who shot, drove, supported, raffled and photographed their way through the day.

BUTTS league match 1 – Oxford!

November 11, 2014

Well done to everyone taking part in the first leg of BUTTS!

Sunday 09/11 was the much anticipated first BUTTS leg, shot on a portsmouth round (the easier of the two indoor rounds, and the format used at BUCS indoors). The scores were of a very high standard between us, but in the end Warwick came away with a win by 12 points, with a recurve team score of 2289/2400 vs Oxfords 2277/2400. Both of those team scores are much higher than any round in the league last year (highest score 2263), and Warwick’s score would have won BUCS indoors by 10 points last year!

 This leg was the Novice’s first away competition and we have Toby from our beginners course giving us his view of the day…

Having only been doing archery for a couple of weeks, it was quite a surprise to be heading to a competition so early with so little experience. Despite having woken far too early for a Sunday morning, we (being the novices) were excited about the challenge ahead.

After arriving, setting up (and staring with envy at the Oxford novice’s shiny metal bows), the shooting quickly began.  We had 60 arrows to shoot in total, and had only tried this once before on the previous Wednesday at the Club Competition. Despite the relative lack of experience, everybody shot well with some earning new PBs, and all were pleased with their results.


Events after the shooting involved the pub, chatting with the experienced members of the club, the all-important Boat Race (which Warwick won!) and dinner, all of which were great fun.

After half an hour of trying to free the minibus from the car park, we all headed home, chatting merrily about the events of the day, commenting on what an amazing day it had been and how we were all looking forward to the next one!

Now, with a slightly more achievement focused observation of the day, Tom Hall…

The recurve team had big scores contributed by myself (with 584- a new PB), Enrik Nako (572), Jorge Lindley (570) and Luke Rieman (563), but also James Jeffs (553), with a score that would get comfortably onto most other universities scoring teams, and non-focus team member Craig Devonport, who shot a PB of 539 at his first ever BUTTS leg. James Edmondson and Jake Bellamy also won gold in compound and barebow respectively.

Welcome to Warwick 2014/15!

September 12, 2014

Greetings to all of our new freshers and welcome back to everyone returning for the new academic year! I hope that if you’ve found yourself on this website then you’d like to join the club; here’s how you do it:

For those who have never done archery before, or have maybe tried it once or twice we have 2 free taster sessions in week 1:

Wednesday 1st October 2.00pm-5pm
Sunday 5th October 1.30pm-3.00pm

Both are held in Westwood Games Hall, please tie long hair back and avoid loose clothing. As we have a lot of people who want to try archery, we ask that you only come to one of these sessions. If you have then been convinced to join the club you may do so on the Warwick Sport website: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/services/sport/memberships/student. You must select the “standard plus” membership to be able to join the archery club.

If you wish to continue to do archery after the taster session you must sign up for the beginners course  which runs Wednesdays 3-5pm or Sundays 1:30pm-3.30pm until week 5, you get one on one coaching from our experienced members and all equipment is provided. Check the beginners course page for details on this.

For anyone who has been a member of an archery club before university, you are welcome to turn up to any of our experienced sessions which are:

Mondays 1:30-4pm
Tuesdays 9-11am
and Thursdays 5.00-7.00pm

Come and find a member of the exec and they will happily show you how things work here at Warwick and introduce you to our other experienced members.

We look forward to seeing you guys at these sessions, the archery club has so much to offer: lots of interesting people, weekly socials, a fun new challenge and a chance to compete for your university even in your first year of shooting!